I Need A Dress!

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Dress to flatter your body type!

  • Fit

    Finding a prom dress you love is no doubt one of the most important aspects of Prom. You want your dress to be perfect in every way. You want to love the style and color, but most importantly it must fit you well.

    Most formal dresses run small, so rather than focus on the actual size of your dress, seek the best fit possible. Even if you absolutely love a dress on the hanger, if it doesn't fit your body well, it won't be comfortable and it won't look as good as the right dress should. Before you leave Becca's Closet, we make sure you have selected a dress that fits you well and requires minimal alterations.

  • Dress Style

    Don't get stuck on a specific dress style or color before you ever tried one on. Your goal should be to look and feel beautiful so keep an open mind!

    Your prom dress may be the first dress you have ever owned, and choosing one perfect dress out of hundreds can be overwhelming. We encourage you to use the online resources right here to recognize your body type, and learn how to flatter everything that is beautiful about you! Once you know your body type, you'll be able to narrow down the many choices to styles that will most likely look best on you.

  • Body Type

    Apple, Pear, Triangle? Every year girls go crazy trying to find the perfect dress that will make prom a night to remember. But what’s perfect for one girl might not be for another. With so many choices available, how do you possibly find the right one?

    The first step to finding the right dress is understanding what works and what doesn’t for your body shape. Your dress should highlight all the features you love and hide all the ones you don’t. So it is important to match your body type with a dress that will make you look absolutely fabulous. Even celebrities have challenges! Here are a few online resources to help you with your search.